i'm home, but still caught somewhere in between dreams. the escapism of not wanting to be
where i am. one of those weeks where i would like to see the people i love, but have no energy
to stray out of a mile radius. still, sometimes rescued or joined by a warm body. closed off from sunshine, which is a drastic change to the last two weeks of blinding light and waterfalls.
i've somehow been content enough to sit around and study my books and sing myself little
melodies to sleep.
sickly feverish dreams, all quickimage'd fucks anyhow. completely
incoherent. mostly infinity. mostly mountains, trees, and yarn. sunflowers, which is disconcerting. boots, piles of dead leaves. silly sing song tunes. shake sugaree has been reoccurring. sometimes floating in a nonexistent box on a nonexistent plane with infinite knowledge.

today, though. todays the day for sunstorms and family outings. and much needed love from familiars.

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