alternate takes

it happened again. familiar bed, familiar boy beside me. and incredibly familiar alternate takes at realities. it was all thunderstorms today. rain beating against the windows, curtains drawn as we tried to sleep.

there was a large window in his bedroom. you could crawl through it and out onto a rickity, wooden balcony with no railing. the standard pillows, paints and cups. it was four of us, doing the natural thing.. talking bullshit, passing the bowl and staring at the overlaying canopy of night sky and a large lake. tino, rein, some unknown friend of rein's and i. the 'unknown' was interesting and charismatic. silly talks of 'gorks', and elitists turned into a group mess on physics. there was that manic midnight turn of "lets all go to the lake!" from this point i hadn't paid much mind to the house... but then it was clear it was completely enveloped in a grove of trees/think Swiss Family Robinson-style.

instead of going inside, there was a rope we went down from the 2nd story. all of us were running to the water as though our life depended on it, that sort of bellyfeeling that you get when you're young and you put all of your spirit into doing some of the most mundane tasks. tino made it before us and ambushed a bunch of wet ducklings which he had in his arms by the time we reached him. sort of one of those "what the fuck?" moments passed with surprised laughter and he let them go... strange thing was when they shook out (almost like dogs) their feathers ruffled out into the most goddamn fluffy-abominablesnowducks you've ever seen. we didn't have much time to pay mind to it when i spotted the golf cart to the far right of the lake.
"they're not actually going to.."
two guys, in a golf cart, hauling it from onside of the lake. we're watching it in a surreal panoramic view. they push it full speed to the water's edge and keep going.. over the water.. it was almost cartoonish; when you see wiley coyote go over the cliff's edge and hang for a moment. gravity suspended. they make it to the center of the lake, sink, and drive up to the other side.

there's a blackout here, i think i physically woke up. looked over at reinier asleep and drifted back off... the next thing i know of that dream is a continuation where i wake up in bed with him, same scenario except with the addition of a large, old english sheepdog. instead of going back to sleep, however, i get up and go downstairs.

this is where the realization of the construction of the house really starts to sink in. its almost shambles but well constructed shambles. ragtag, wooden, but functional. think Swiss Family Robinson. also, everyones claiming to be siblings and all related to reinier. the closest feeling i can convey is Peter Pan-ish Lost Boys. it was like a United Colors of Benneton ad. the family ranged from 2 year olds to 35 year olds of all ethnicities. a mess of people; everything alive with morning activity. someone pours me a cup of coffee, and i go over to the (massive) living room to sit
with the littlest ones.

my favorite bit of the whole dream. after i told reinier, he made a nice note of the possibility
of them being indigo children...

they're all gathered in front of massive television screen, it looks really modern except for the retro-bunny ears ontop. there was probably about 5 of them all on the floor, some on bellies or sitting up...none of them over 6 years old. they're totally fixed on the current segment of the children's show theyre watching. it brings to mind old images of psychadelic-handdrawn-sesame street segments with numbers/letters. there's this great countdown to the segment that i remember vividly. 3 being a giant turtle/ 2 a flamingo / 1 a tree.

and i'm thinking its going to be standard counting, and they're all going along with it out loud. they know this.. except it turns out to be counting off the square roots of different numbers.
i sort of pause. have some coffee. enjoy the colors, observe the babes, and walk back over to the kitchen. in the dream i'm definitely taken aback by it, but i sort of accept it. its like when someone warns you that you're going to get a pie in the face. you know, but you're still going to be a little shocked that you're face is covered in pie..
the only two introductions i can recall are: an older 'brother', probably about 28, that we had apparently met before while at a party.. we had a simultaneous blackout and had woken up on opposite ends of a bench together. and a younger 'brother', a cute haitian boy about 6/7 years old. it was a really great passive moment. me shuffling with my coffee, and him with his a kiddiecup and juice.
"hey, whats your name"
"cool, i'll remember that"
i thought it was comical, how mature he was.. even with the sippycup.

another blackout.

we have a huge outing to a white sand beach not far from the house. theres been a giant platform/foundation thats been built on some higher ground beside the water. kids are
playing in the shallows with the family dog. some of the older 'uns and i are all sitting on the edge of the foundation, talking about whats going to be built. reiniers with us. someone unfolds a bunch of plans/images for the construction of the next
house. the architect of the project is David, funny enough. its something between 'park guell' and a greecian home.