the battle for good juju

it was a relief catching the train.
it's that.
it's simple.
i'd missed the blurs in windows, sundazed naps, and dizzyreading.
accordian humsongs; absentminded melodies.
lazily chugging along through backwoods. staring through crypt woods, gutted homes and rusted cars -- all winking back in the sun.
feeling like a giddychild watching the green burn out to yellows and reds.

(train-life journal entry/words without thought braingame)
having no trouble recognizing patterns in my sleep solar sequences reflected back in lunar ponds light filters light washes drumming concoctions of everest proportions seeking truth seeking solace traveling astral planet to planes realistic Isms the worship of cellobodies goddesses booming bass lines on your arterial pulse rubyrosed children flight absurd in green pastures doing little to pass the time laughing tree limbed notes drifting dwelling dying fat belly of melancholy exuberant mirth on the lips of dogwomen blacklimbed dancing perceptions in cataclysmic symbols of alterations alternations self progression backbending heavenly stretched past smoke stacks and communication unknown unknown unknown ambrosia lotus feet streaking golden paths in the dirt roads only finding no one hear in trees or written in skies on the tongues of wolves and ghost feather father / smoke sweltering curliques feed incessant plummet through trees through trees

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